Many Youtube Creators nowadays are deciding to sell their monetized channels. But, selling a YouTube channel can be a complex process and is time-consuming. Creators might have trust issues that they are being deceived. But, no need to worry, Arham Digital is here to help you throughout the process of selling a YouTube Channel.


Arham Digital is a trusted platform that guarantees 100% reliability and helps you sell your channel hassle-free and quickly. 


Here is a step-to-step guide for anyone who wishes to sell their channel.


  1. Take Screenshots of your Channel’s Analytics:
  2. Share your Channel link and Analytics
  3. Receive Channel Valuation
  4. Confirm Selling Price and Terms & Conditions
  5. Wait for Channel to be sold
  6. Receive payment


1. Take Screenshots of your Channel’s Analytics:

To sell your YouTube channel online, begin by capturing screenshots of crucial analytics on a website. These should include lifetime views, impressions, revenue, monetization status, watch time, as well as views and impressions within the last 28 days. The more comprehensive and detailed the information you provide, the higher the potential valuation for your channel, as it enables the platform to analyze its performance effectively. Ensure that you capture all relevant data to offer a thorough understanding of your channel's performance.


2. Share your Channel link and Analytics:

In order to sell your YouTube channel online on Arham Digital, you will need to provide us with analytics screenshots, your channel link, and other important details. To accomplish this, you can conveniently visit the Sell your YoutTube Channel page on Arham Digital. There, you will find a prompt to complete the required information and attach the analytics screenshots. Additionally, it is important to specify the desired price for your channel. Once you have filled in all the necessary details, simply submit your channel information, and our team will carefully review it. Rest assured that we will not share any information about your channel with anyone without your prior consent.


3. Receive Channel Valuation:

Once you've shared your channel details, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your channel's performance based on the provided information. We strongly recommend providing accurate and genuine details, as any attempts to deceive us may render you ineligible to sell your YouTube channel through Arham Digital.

Following our analysis, we will present you with the best price we believe your channel is worth. If you're not satisfied with the valuation, you can request a review of your channel, and our team will reassess it to determine if a higher valuation is possible. However, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a higher valuation in every instance.

4. Confirm Payment and Terms & Conditions:

If you're satisfied with the offered price, agree to the payment terms in our Terms and Conditions. You may discuss payment terms with one of our support executives. Note that Arham Digital will not pay any seller in advance. Now,  Ownership of your channel will be transferred to us for five days while we search for a buyer. You may need to provide your primary Gmail login details. Contact our support team if you need help with the ownership transfer.


5. Wait for the Channel to be sold:

Once you’ve agreed to the payment and Terms & Conditions, Arham Digital will start working for the channel to be sold. We have a network of customers, it usually takes 3 days to sell a channel. However, our platform doesn’t buy or sell channels from customers directly. So, the sale will depend on the availability of the buyer. Once, a buyer is found and payment is received, you need to transfer the ownership to us as per the terms & conditions.

6. Receive Payment:

To receive payment, provide your preferred payment details to our team. We will confirm them with you and transfer payment within 24 hours. However, please note that if there are any issues with payment transfers, such as a bank or UPI server issues, the transfer may take longer. We kindly request your cooperation, as we value your time and money and aim to promptly complete the payment process after acquiring your channel. 

We strongly advise ensuring your commitment to selling your channel to Arham Digital before agreeing to do so. Once a buyer is found, we initiate the process immediately. Failing to cooperate at that stage wastes our time and effort and risks damaging our relationship with the buyer.


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